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Do you have an interior greening project in mind for your office, home, restaurant, bar or shop? Let’s do a walkthrough of the space and discuss ideas for interior greening that meets your needs & enlivens the area. We then prepare a custom, detailed proposal with plant and container options.

Bringing plants into your home or business not only purifies the air we breathe, but also helps people to be happier, more energized & productive.



Every project is different, from personal plant preference to light quality and temperature. We work with you to select plants and containers that are appropriate to your aesthetic and space. Whether you want a custom living wall, a hanging plant system, built in planters or simple potted plants, we work with you to design a living space & unique installation



So, your workspace or home is now filled with plants.  These interior jungles are breathing, changing, growing - and that requires attention.  Our plant experts will either assist you with a care plan or schedule weekly visits to make sure that all of your plant-scaping needs are taken care of.  We pride ourselves in keeping your plants vibrant and healthy through weekly watering, pruning, dusting, pest control and fertilizing.

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